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2020-2021 - Most read articles - Happy New Year!✨


"What a year ... I hope you were inspired by the many technical articles on this blog.

Each business day I have tried to post one article on evolutions of Microsoft Teams and Office 365. Sometimes with announcements, often with technical tips and practical activations.

Wondering what you guys thought of it! A comment at the bottom is very welcome.

✨2021 - New Year!🎇

The new year is dawning - with more tips and fun ideas. If there are any ideas from you guys -> definitely talk to me by email or in the comments at the bottom.

I'm thinking about opening up the blog so anyone can post ideas. Maybe guest bloggers? Or start a forum where people can help each other?

Enjoy the end of the year!

✨Most read blogs of 2020

  1. Customize Microsoft Teams background with your own image
  2. Microsoft Teams Login - Basic guide to get started quickly
  3. Communicating with external users in Microsoft Teams
  4. Tutorial: Recording a Microsoft teams call?
  5. Using Snapchat filters in Microsoft Teams
  6. 15 useful Microsoft Teams tips and tricks!
  7. Enable new Teams meeting experience for together mode
  8. Microsoft Teams deleted? restore can be done easily through this blog!
  9. How to share files in Office 365 - 8 scenarios
  10. Sign up and get started OneDrive for Business - Quickstart!
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2 years ago

Hey Jasper, I am one of many silent followers, but your work is no less appreciated for that! Keep up the good job and best wishes to you too!

2 years ago
Response to  Tom

Does me pleasure! Thank you Tom. Happy end of the year!

2 years ago

Very informative. January 8 I will start the online lessons. Feel confident thanks to your tips and tricks. Healthy 2021 wishes.

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