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⏩ Microsoft Teams: How to turn off meeting forwarding in Office 365

In this blog, you can read how to forward a Microsoft Teams meeting . This ensures that people who are not wanted in the meeting are not allowed .

Only the people who have been invited by the organizer(s) can participate to this Assembly.

How to Disable Automatic Meeting Forwarding in Office 365?

Create a new Microsoft Teams meeting and add the people you want to add.

Press Send to send the invitation.

Then, after creating the meeting, in the meeting options, press Meeting options.

In the first settings, select: People I invite (Turn off allow Forwarding in the meeting invite)

This will ensure that people without an invitation will not be allowed into the Teams-meeting.

How to get a confidential Microsoft Teams meeting?

You want to make sure that no one can come in during the meeting. Then you can enable the option "lock this meeting".

No one, not even people who have been invited, can then participate to this Assembly.

TIP: Press the 3 dots -> at the top of the participants Then press "Lock the meeting"

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