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📧 This is how to set up or change an email signature in Outlook (online)

When sending emails, it is nice to add an automatic signature. It takes little effort to set up a signature in Outlook Online. A signature will ensure that your personalized name and details are automatically sent along with each e-mail message.

This blog is written for Office 365 Outlook Online and for the fat-client application of Outlook. (at the bottom of this article)

Open Outlook Online at Office 365 to set up an email signature

Browse to: https://outlook.office.com to access the webmail of Office 365.

Then choose the cog icon at the top right and select: Show all Outlook settings.


Here's how to set up an email signature in Outlook Online

Press Mail, Compose an e-mail or reply.

Next, under email signature, choose a personalized message and then press, Save.

Through this instruction, the signature will be updated in Outlook Online and in the Microsoft Outlook application.


Choose when the hand drawing can be used.

  • For new posts.
  • For responses to a previous post, or a forward of a post.

As a final step, press Save.

Setting up an email signature in the Microsoft Outlook program

If you wish to set up a signature in the Outlook program create a new email.

Next, under Options , press Signatures.


How to select the correct account among multiple signatures in Outlook?

To switch between multiple signatures, you can select the desired footnote after preparing your e-mail message.

Among these previously defined options, choose the desired signature.


How can you add an image to the Outlook signature?

If you wish to add an image to the Outlook hand signature press at the bottom: Add image in the signature options.

In the web browser, you can do this by: Insert image in E-mail settings.


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