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Microsoft Forms for Polls in Microsoft Teams!

Recently announced! Microsoft forms in Microsoft Teams.

Are you using Doodle, Polly or another solution to do a query in Microsoft Teams? Better use Microsoft Forms!

This is better integrated into Teams and has nice advantages over the other platforms. Faster and easier sharing, an icon in the chat. Quickly start a poll in the chat....

In this blog, a practical presentation!

Getting started in Microsoft Teams - In the web version

Browse To: https://teams.microsoft.com/
Press Forms at the bottom.

Build your questionnaire... As you did at Forms online, or some other solution.

Press save


Everyone on he team can vote.

You can also create a Poll in the meeting chat.

Getting started using the Microsoft Teams Client?

Unfortunately, not yet possible on Nov. 19.

A demo from Microsoft.

Prepare Poll.gif
Launch Poll.gif

Source: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-forms-blog/microsoft-forms-brings-polls-to-teams -meetings/ba-p/1886317

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