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🎬 This is how to send short video clip messages in Teams | Video Messages

Microsoft Teams-users now have the ability to communicate with colleagues in a different way. For this, Microsoft announced a new feature that allows sending short video clips via the chat function.

This new feature allows Microsoft Teams-users to send short video clips in addition to chatting, sending emojis. This feature is a common feature on other instant-messaging platforms such as WhatsApp. Also, major Microsoft Teams competitor slack offers this video clip option where audio recording or similar alternatives have been included for a long time.

How can you use video clip messages in Microsoft Teams ?

At the bottom in Microsoft Teams, press on the right: "record a video clip".


Then record a video clip by pressing the record button.


How to send a video clip message in Microsoft Teams?

As a penultimate last step, you can rewatch the video clip you recorded before sending it.


Then you can trim a piece of video, i.e. make it shorter. At the beginning of the video message or at the end.


Are you done recording? Press: Send.

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