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New view in the Office 365 web portal

Microsoft recently released a new view for the Office 365 portal that you can access via https://portal.office.com. The big advantage of the new view is that you can more easily navigate between Word, Excel and OneNote. Later it may be possible to have other views in the same screen so you can quickly switch between the multiple Office 365 services.

New view of the O365 portal

Benefits for Word files

The display of Word files you see in one nice overview. It is getting harder and harder to find files because they are shared in so many different ways. Through this view, you can easily get to work finding documents created or shared in Word .


Notebooks with OneNote

Notebooks today are not just for you alone. You often have many notebooks shared from Teams . Not always super practical to keep up with all the notebooks. Through them central overview you have one panel with then also your recent notebooks, pinned and the shared notebooks.


Clear view of PowerPoint files

As for Word, Excel and OneNote, you can easily find the "shared with me" in the improved version of the Office 365 portal.


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