How to participateto Teams meeting without a Microsoft account?

How to participateto Teams meeting without a Microsoft account?

It is possible to work with external people (without a Microsoft Account) in Microsoft Teams.

You can easily collaborate with people without a Microsoft Account.

You can also communicate with other Office 365 users (with their own tenant environment), or people with a gmail, hotmail or other type of account.

You do not have to take into account how others have configured their technical environment. Whether you admit guests via hotmail or directly in Microsoft Teams - there is no difference.

It is therefore possible to hold a meeting with external people via Microsoft Teams . Just as in the past, an Outlook invitation could be used to share a non-online meeting.

Teams is built to be able to collaborate inside and outside your organisation. There are specific additional settings such as: outsiders may not start the meeting without people from your organisation, outsiders may not start a recording etc.. - but these have nothing to do with holding a meeting.

IT-Admins: Enable anonymous users to join a meeting participate


How to schedule a meeting with external parties

  • Create your teams meeting via this blog
  • Invite external people through the usual channels, via Teams or via Outlook.
  • You do not need to do any manipulations or other actions to add externals. This works just like internals.
Teams meeting in a canal
Teams meeting in a channel or with outsiders
Outlook Teams appointment
Outlook Teams appointment creation

Start a meeting in Microsoft Teams

Detailed instructions, here.


More information: teams

participateto Teams meeting via your browser without an account

If you are a guest at a Microsoft-Teams meeting and you work with your private computer, a Macbook, a Chromebook via Android or others, it is often convenient not to install the Microsoft Teams application.

You can attend a meeting via the web without having to install anything on your computer.

Click on the meeting link, then select open via web - continue in browser.


All about meetings

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Automatically turn every meeting into a Microsoft Teams meeting!
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