How to add Q&A to a Microsoft Teams meeting?

How to add Q&A to a Microsoft Teams meeting?

The Q&A app in Microsoft Teams meetings allows meeting organisers and presenters to add moderated Q&A capabilities to any Teams meeting.

You can choose open or moderated Q&A, mark the best answer for a question, filter responses, enable replies and more.

Q&A in Teams meetings is ideally suited for large and more structured meetings, such as leadership presentations, webinars, training sessions, general meetings and community events.

Designated presenters can act as co-moderators to screen questions. The Q&A app will be generally available in September.

Q&A in Microsoft Teams

Create a Microsoft Teams meeting using these instructions.


Add the Microsoft Teams tab during the meeting request

Only after the creation of the meeting is it possible to add a tab for the Q&A functionality.

Press edit after the meeting has been created.


Select + at the top and search for the Q&A App.


Search in Apps -> Q&A and select the 2 possibilities.

More information can be found in the video below.

Q&A by Ralf in Dutch

Q&A by Microsoft in English

You can also use Microsoft Forms for Q&A questions!

View this tip: How to create and share a form with Microsoft Forms?


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8 months ago

The Q&A app doesn't even show up as an option for me under the +. I'm on a Mac. I doubt that matters, but perhaps? Any help?

Barrie Graham
Barrie Graham
7 months ago

Teams Live Event Q and A has a 'like' feature, can we also have a 'dislike'?

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