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Microsoft support assistance - Support for Teams

As the use of Microsoft-teams continues to grow, we know there are many questions about how to perform common administrative tasks. How to do within your Office 365 tenant configure your teams correctly to serve remote workers (remote workers) and how to troubleshoot problems as they arise.

In recent weeks, Microsoft has developed 15 Microsoft Teams specific diagnostic scenarios related to the most frequently encountered problems and the most common solutions.

It is important to note that while these diagnoses cannot make changes to your tenant , they can provide insight into known problems and give you the instructions to resolve them quickly.

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Ticket logging via Office 365

  • Example:
need help teams

These are the 15 supported scenarios:

  • Teams Sign-in
  • Teams Direct Routing
  • Teams Call Queue
  • Teams Remove Number from Conference Bridge
  • Teams Dial Pad is missing
  • Teams Calendar App
  • Teams Federation
  • Teams Files Guest Access
  • Teams Add-in is missing in Outlook
  • Unable to invite Guest users to Teams
  • Unable to make domestic PSTN calls in Teams
  • Unable to make International PSTN calls in Teams
  • Unable to create a Teams conference call
  • Unable to join a Teams conference call
  • Teams Auto-Attendant

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