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Users, servers & workstations analysis in Active Directory

You have an Active Directory environment and you would like to map how many servers, workstations & users are in this environment.

This can be part of a security-assessment but also to validate operational processes that computer objects but also users are removed or blocked in a timely manner.

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Copy the script to a domain-joined device or your domain controller

  • Copy the script to your desktop
  • Open PowerShell
  • Start: GetReportsADEn.ps1

Data export

  • You will find 3 CSVs
    • usersAD.csv
    • desktopAD.csv
    • ServerAD.csv


  • Data from your 3 CSVs can be imported into Excel and via Text to Colums you can put it into a nice format.
  • You can create a pivot to identify how many servers you have, what versions, what logon data, etc..
SRV365TIPSDF03TRUEWindows Server 2016 Standard31/01/2020 11:381.4.4.10
SRV365TIPSRBS01TRUEWindows Server 2012 Standard30/01/2020 06:521.4.4.58
SRV365TIPSVW01TRUEWindows Server 2012 Standard31/01/2020 12:
SRV365TIPSWEB01TRUEWindows Server 2012 Standard02/02/2020 14:
SRV365TIPSZKKI01TRUEWindows Server 2012 Standard29/01/2020 20:

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