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data location of my Office 365 environment

You office 365 tenant has a place somewhere in the world on a server. But where is that exactly?

Regions is a better description than a physical place, because data in this region shifts from server to server in order to be offered redundantly.

Office 365 data will always be hosted in a region for example: Western Europe, unless you are talking about special tenants such as Germany or the US Government.

In this blog, I'll explain how you can see where you can tenant just now. You often need this in the context of compliance or regulations such as GDPR or GDPR.

Office 365 Data residency data

Browse to: https://admin.microsoft.com

Click on Organization Settings -> Organization Profile -> Data Location

As part of Microsoft's transparency principles, they publish the location where the customer content is saved within Microsoft. For more information about Microsoft's contractual commitments, please refer to the Online Terms of Service. Learn more in the Office 365 Trust Center

Where your Microsoft 365 customer data is saved

More details can be found on this page https://aka.ms/wheresmydata

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