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Multi-Window Meetings Microsoft Teams has been launched!

The Multi-window experience is coming to Microsoft Teams in June 2020! Multi-window or working in multiple windows is a much requested feature within Microsoft Teams. This feature will allow contact to keep your meetings and phone calls separate. Also, many users will be satisfied because they can place their presentation and the 2nd window separately on a 2nd monitor. The estimated launch month is June 2020.

Source roadmap Microsoft Teams ID: 57294

Roadmap Teams ID: 57294
Microsoft Teams - Multi-Window Meetings and Calling experiences
Multi-window experiences are coming to Teams meetings and calling. Users will have the ability to pop out meetings and calling into separate windows to help them optimize their workflow. These experiences can be turned on directly within Teams for PC and Mac clients.
Multi-Window Activation Teams
Multi-Window Meetings Microsoft Teams ID: 57294
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