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How to activate FindTime as a plug-in in Microsoft 365?

In this blog you will learn how to activate FindTime as a plug-in in Office 365. FindTime is a plugin that you can activate in the admin panel. This activation will make the findTime icon visible in every Outlook client and easy to use.

Browse to the administrator panel

Navigate to https://admin.microsoft.com (or use this overview) - hit add-ons under settings.

Implementing plug-in applications

Select 'implement add-ons'

Choosing from the store

Press add

Implementing for all

It takes up to 12 hours for the add-in to appear on users' ribbons: users may need to restart Office.

After the deployment is complete, test for success by launching the relevant Office application and checking that the add-in is visible on the ribbon. You can force the list of installed plug-ins to refresh by starting the Office app and navigating to the Insert tab > My plug-ins > Managed by administrator.

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