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If you use Exchange Online As an email client, it can sometimes be useful to forward emails to other recipients. But how do you do this in a fast and efficient way? In this blog from 365tips.be you will learn how to forward emails via Exchange Online. Not only will you learn how to forward emails manually, but you'll also learn how to set up auto-forwarding for certain types of emails. With these helpful tips and tricks, you can save time and ensure that important information gets to the right people quickly. Read on to find out how you can best deal with email forwarding in Exchange Online.

You can forward e-mail messages to colleagues, external contacts or external domains. If you want to forward emails within Office 365 You can use this procedure to send a user, an e-mail contact, or a shared mailbox .

Forwarding messages using the Microsoft 365 admin Center

Forward e-mail messages using the Microsoft 365 admin center.

  • Navigate to https://admin.microsoft.com
  • Under Users, find the user you want.
  • Then press Mail.
  • In the Mail tab, press Email forwarding.
  • Choose an email address to which you want to send emails.

Forwarding messages using the old Exchange Control Panel (ECP)

  • Click on the desired mailbox. This can be a user or a shared mailbox.
  • Click on mailbox features
  • Kllik on Mailflow View Details
  • Click Enable Forwarding
  • Find the contact you want to send the emails to
  • If you want to send this outside your area , it is best to create an e-mail contact.
  • Press OK
  • That's it! Your emails will now be forwarded to a contact

Automatically distribute emails to multiple people (Internal + External)

Create a distribution list to use later for forwarding.

Create a list without an owner or attendees.

Create the necessary contacts via: groups – Microsoft Exchange (office.com)

Add external contacts via groups – Microsoft Exchange (office.com)

Then press OK.

Internal people and external users can be added to one group.

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