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Modern Education on YouTube - Teaching via Microsoft Teams

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ModernOnderwijs
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MOnderwijs
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin. com/company/mode...
Instagram: https://www. instagram.com/modernonder...
Youtube: https://www. youtube.com/c/ModernOnder...
Youtube (Math): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2vi...

Also check out the education starter guide.

Create an interactive presentation

Different ways to share your screen. Pros and Cons

BREAKING NEWS: Breakout rooms!

How do you create interactive video with Feedbackfruits?

Hybrid teaching

You don't know these apps yet for your online Teams meeting! Part 1

Simultaneous teaching

Introductory work forms in Teams

Schedule parent or student meetings with Microsoft Bookings

Easily create a video with content in images

PowerPoint and Whiteboard in view during a Teams meeting

Live subtitling with PowerPoint

Teams Assignments part 1

Teams Assignments part 2

10 tips for Microsoft Teams

Forms interactive in PowerPoint during Teams

10 apps from Microsoft for education

How to use Flipgrid

Your class schedule in Outlook. How to avoid duplication and rules.

In PowerPoint include your screen

Class Notebook in Teams

Teams secure documents and different channels

Sway: The Basics!

Using Forms in Office 365 for an ideal survey

Other good video explanation of Modern Education here. Startup in blog form here. Share files, add guests or other blogs, here.

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