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Teams Disable guest (document) access for one Team without PowerShell

Microsoft Teams setup often starts with allowing or blocking guest accesses.

For example, do you want to disable guest access on one team? Because it's a team that will only be used internally, for example. Such as: Communications Department, Human Resources, IT, HR, Payroll.

Then follow the steps below to disable guest access on one team. You can, of course, automate this with PowerShell or via a template provided when creating a team.

CAUTION: This tip prevents external people from accessing Team documents. Guest access prevents access to Microsoft Teams. - with this tip you only block access to documents!

1. Use the SharePoint administrator panel


2. Activate "Persons in the organization only"

  • Select between these 4 options: Persons in the organization only
  • Everyone
  • New and existing guests
  • Existing guests only
  • Persons in the organization only

3. Clean up your Team with previously invited guests

If you previously allowed guest access, guests continue to float around your Team. Press Team Manage and remove guests by pressing delete.

This certainly ensures that users are removed from the team, thus no longer have access to the documents either. This gives a higher security on unwanted access to Teams, and team documents.

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2 years ago

This is a tremendously bad tip. The SharePoint setting only prevents access to the files. Access to Teams itself remains possible (and thus also, for example, to all conversations in the team).

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