15 most popular tips about Zoom

15 most popular tips about Zoom

In this article you can find a short introduction to all Zoom features. From account creation to using Zoom, presentation sharing, video filters, keyboard shortcuts, sharing multiple windows,...

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1. Download Zoom for Windows

Browseto: https://zoom.us/download to download Zoom.
This installation is for MAC and Windows.

Zoom download center

When you start the Zoom package for the first time, you will see this message. You can enter any Zoom meeting without an account.

Zoom Join a meeting

2. Create a Zoom account

Install the Zoom client with the instructions above or Browsedirectly to: https://zoom.us/signup

Zoom cloud meetings sign in

Enter your date of birth

Zoom date of birth

Choose the desired e-mail address

Sign up Free Zoom

You receive an e-mail message -> press activate account

Activate account Zoom

Fill in your personal details

Create an account in Zoom

You will receive a personal meeting URL. You can place it in the signature of your emails just like in Teams .

Start your test meeting Zoom

3. Logging into Zoom for the first time

Previously, you installed the zoom software and created a zoom account. After activation you can log in with your account.

First sign in zoom
Zoom standard screen

4. Setting up a Zoom meeting

Scheduling a meeting in Zoom can be done in various ways.

You can share your URL so that people can always come to your meeting. -> In the zoom client, click on 'Schedule' -> Enter a topic, a start date and any other desired parameters.

Then press Save.

Schedule a meeting in Zoom

You can distribute the Zoom URL by Mail, Whatsapp, Outlook or other channels.

Copy invitation Zoom

A second possibility is via Microsoft Outlook. For this, you need to enable Outlook integration in your settings. You will first need to download the Zoom Outlook application. (see below)

Integrate Zoom with Outlook
Schedule a meeting with Outlook - Zoom

If you click on Schedule a meeting in Outlook, you will see the following display. Here you can press Save immediately.

Zoom book meeting outlook 2016

Choose the desired recipients

Zoom meeting ID Passcode Outlook

You can delete or undo a Zoom meeting by deleting the agenda item and then sending a notification to the participants.

5. Activate Zoom for all Microsoft 365 users -. Office 365 Tenant

BrowseTo: https://portal.office.com/adminportal - as Global Administrator
Press Integrated Apps under Settings.

Get Apps: Search for Zoom for Outlook
Activate Zoom for Outlook for the entire organisation.

Office 365 Admin Portal Get Apps

You can choose to assign this application to a group or the entire organisation. (Or just yourself)

Zoom Integrated Apps Office 365 Admin Center

When the Zoom application is rolled out, you can see the results here.

Zoom Rollout Full tenant

6. Settings in Zoom

Press the top right to display the settings.

General Settings Zoom

7. Customise the background in Zoom

Press settings at the bottom of the Zoom meeting to change your background. Choose which background you want on the right.

Background settings Zoom

Via Background & Filters, you can now also use (beta) studio effects to adjust your eyebrows, moustache, beard.

You can access this menu by first pressing Settings, then Background & Filters.

Eyebrows Mustache Beard new studio effects Zoom

8. Adjust low light zoom

If you don't have a lot of space on your desk, you can switch to 'low light' mode to optimise your video quality.

This menu can be found under Settings -> Video.

Adjust for low light Zoom

9. Customise screen sharing settings in Zoom

Fullscreen mode is the default in Zoom. You can work with various options here.

By default, Zoom is set to share screens, not the entire desktop. You can change this setting here.

The primary image will always be shared first.

Share Screen Zoom

10. Install Outlook Zoom plugin

Browseto: https://zoom.us/download - Press download to install the plugin.

Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook installation

Install the plug in using the recommended wizard.
After this installation, you will see this view in your Outlook application.

Scheduling a meeting via Outlook Zoom

11. Starting a meeting in Zoom

You can start a new meeting in Zoom after logging in. Press: 'New Meeting

New meeting zoom

12. Navigation in Zoom

At the bottom of Zoom you see Share Screen - Record - Reactions - Participants - Securirty.

Press Share Screen to share your screen.

The Chat button allows you to chat with everyone in the meeting.

Navigate in Zoom

13. Adjusting the recording location in Zoom

You can adjust your local recording in Settings -> Recording -> Local recording.

Local Recording Zoom

How can you make breakout rooms in Zoom?

14. Install Zoom app on iOS

Open your iOS or Google Play store. Download the Zoom Cloud Meetings application. Login to the application with the account you created via this blog.

15. TOP 20 Zoom Tips by Kevin Stratvert

0:00 Introduction
0:20 Custom virtual background - fade
1:41 PowerPoint as virtual background
2:58 Green screen for virtual background
4:19 Updating the appearance
4:51 Adjusting for low light
5:31 Video filters and studio effects
6:36 Enable original sound from microphone
8:08 Transcribe meeting with otter.
9:41 Hold spacebar to unmute
10:13 Hotkeys
11:11 Share phone screen
12:24 Share multiple windows
13:16 Whiteboard
13:50 Spotlight mouse cursor
14:16 Annotation tools
14:56 Waiting room
15:53 Breakout rooms 16:53 Non-verbal feedback
17:35 Calendar integration with Gmail
18:20 End-to-end encoding

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