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These are the top 10 Microsoft 365 Chat Copilot Lab Prompts

In the dynamic world of technology, Microsoft is introducing standard built-in prompts within Microsoft 365 Chat Copilot Lab. These standard prompts help to access digital content faster. In this blog, we dive into the essence of the Chat Copilot Lab and provide 10 sample prompts.

What is Microsoft 365 Chat Copilot Lab?

Copilot Lab provides a collection of prompts that allow users to create, learn and use Microsoft Copilot. Copilot prompts are the instructions or questions you use to let Copilot know what you want to do. This article explains how to use Copilot Lab for the Web using a screen reader. 

These are the 10 most commonly used Labs within Copilot Chat

  1. What's new?
  2. Write an introduction
  3. Retrieve key information
  4. Create ideas
  5. Brainstorm
  6. Retrieve calendar information
  7. Summarize an email
  8. Help me write .
  9. How to ...
  10. How can I .

Which prompts do you use the most in Microsoft 365 Copilot Chat?

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