How to create and share a form with Microsoft Forms?

How to create and share a form with Microsoft Forms?

What is Microsoft Forms?

With Microsoft Forms you can conduct surveys, tests and polls and quickly view the results as they come in. Then export to Excel or report in the web view.

What can you use Microsoft Forms for?

  • Holiday request form
  • Research study
  • Forms for applicants for human resources
  • Forms for onboarding new employees
  • Microsoft Team Application
  • Helpdesk questions
  • Add new customer
  • Creating a Quiz

Launching forms via

Navigate to: -> Select Forms


Create a new Microsoft Form?

Select; New Form then you will see the view below.


Give the form a general name and description

If you click on the top you can add a name for your form.


Adding selections in Microsoft Forms

Press Add New and select what you want to create for the selection.

A choice or multiple choice question.


A question in text - Users can respond with their own written feedback.


Use a star rating to question the survey or ask a different question.


Providea date field. This can be used for a date of birth or a start or end date.


Upload a file during the survey. Only in an internal survey can you upload a file during the survey.


Testing your survey

Select Preview at the top to see a view like a participant.

Give access to external users?

If you select 'Anyone can respond', external users can answer this survey.


Obtaining e-mail notifications

At the bottom you can configure to receive an e-mail with each registration.


Give a thank you message after the survey

You can also add a "Thank you" message when submitting. This is a message that recipients will see after clicking the submit button.


Share the form so that others can also make adjustments

It is possible to share a form so that others can collaborate on the questionnaires you want to send out. Choose "share to collaborate" at the top and choose who you want to give control.


Select one of the following options:

  • Users with an Office 365 Account can read and edit.
  • Users in the organisation can read and edit.
  • Specific users can read and edit.

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11 months ago

Hello, I would like to save/print the survey results with graphics as pdf. Now it is only possible to export to Excel. Do you have a solution?

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How can I easily transfer the results of a satisfaction survey (via Forms) into a report?

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Hi Jasper,
How can I have my Forms form managed by multiple people?

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