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How to create and share a form with Microsoft Forms.

What is Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms provides an easy way to create and manage surveys, tests and polls. This can be useful for organizations that want to quickly gather feedback from their employees, customers or other stakeholders. With Microsoft Forms, you can easily create questionnaires and send them to the target audience. The results then come in automatically and can be exported to Excel or viewed in the Web view. This allows you to easily gain insight into what people think and how they feel about certain topics or products, and use this information to identify areas for improvement and make decisions.

What can you use Microsoft Forms for?

  • Vacation request form
  • Research study
  • Applicant forms for human resources
  • Forms for onboarding new employees
  • Microsoft Team Application
  • Help Desk Questions
  • Add new customer
  • Creating a Quiz

Starting up forms via office.com

Navigate to: https://www.office.com -> Select Forms


Create a new Microsoft Form?

Select; New Form then you will see the view below.


Give the form a generic name and description

If you click at the top you can add a name for your form.


Add choice selections in Microsoft Forms

Press Add New and select what you wish to create for the selection.

One choice or multiple choice questions.


A question in text - Users can respond with their own written feedback.


Use a star rating to query the survey or ask another question.


Provide a date field. This can be used for a birth date or a start or end date.


Upload a file during the survey. Only in an internal survey can you upload a file during the survey.


Testing your survey

Select Preview at the top to see a view like a participant.

Give access to external users?

If you make the selection "Anyone can respond" external users can answer this survey.


Obtaining email notifications

At the bottom, you can configure to get an email with each registration.


Providing a thank you message after the survey

You can also add a "Thank You" message when submitting. This is a message that recipients will see after clicking the Submit button.


Share the form so others can also make adjustments

It is possible to share a form so that others can collaborate on the questionnaires you want to send out. Select "share to collaborate" at the top and choose who you want to give control to.


Select one of the following options:

  • Users with an Office 365 account can read and edit.
  • Users in the organization can read and edit.
  • Specific users can read and edit.

A sample form

You can find a sample form here.

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2 years ago

Hello, I would like to save/print the survey result with graphs as pdf. Now it can only be exported to Excel. Do you have a solution?

1 year ago

How can I easily transfer the results of a satisfaction survey (via Forms) into a report?

1 year ago

Hi Jasper,
How can I have my Forms form managed by multiple people?

10 months ago

Can people with an Apple also fill out a questionnaire from Forms?

10 months ago

Bonjour je souhaiterais copier une des questions avec une multitude d'option(45) d'un de mes questionnaires dans un autre questionnaire sans pour autant copier tous le questionnaires,des solutions ?

3 months ago

hello Jasper,
In my Team there are people who cannot open the FORMs survey, what could that be due to? By the way, I can't open your answers to other questions from others?

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