Embedding a SharePoint site in Microsoft Teams tab as start page

Embedding a SharePoint site in Microsoft Teams tab as start page

If you want to bundle and distribute information better within an organisation, it is best to integrate as much as possible into the existing systems.  

Microsoft Teams made a strong advance last year and is today a starting place for users. Every day, everyone starts up their computer and automatically logs into Microsoft Teams.  

In this blog I will explain how you can integrate your internal information via SharePoint can be integrated into Microsoft Teams. 

This blog post is part of the Microsoft SharePoint training series.

#1: Preparation for a SharePoint test environment, how to create a Office 365 tenant ?
#2 Tutorial: How to create a communication site in sharepoint online ?
#3 Integrate a SharePoint site in Microsoft Teams tab as start page
#4 Apply default templates on SharePoint Online - Template chooser

1. Open the desired SharePoint site

Copy the URL of your SharePoint site from the browser.


2. Open Microsoft Teams

Select desired channel - press + at the top


3. Select SharePoint in Microsoft Teams

Press the SharePoint icon / tab.


4. Copy or select the SharePoint page URL


5. Your SharePoint site is now available to everyone in Microsoft Teams!



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7 months ago

Jasper, thanks for all the tips.
Is it possible to immediately show a Sharepoint communication or team site as a start screen when starting Teams ?

Would love to know your thoughts, please leave a comment.x
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