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✂️ How to add a new email domain via the Admincenter to Microsoft Office 365 📋

How do I add a new e-mail domain in Microsoft 365 via the Admin Center?

When you log in for the first time in https://portal.office.com you have 2 practical tasks to perform. These tasks are:

  1. Add your email domain so that you can send emails with your domain and configure Office 365 complete.
  2. Add and assign licenses to users so they can use the features of Microsoft 365.

Browse to: https: //admin.microsoft.com - press settings on the left and choose: Add Domain.


Enter the domain you own.


Add your domain, choose TXT record.


Add the TXT record on your domain hosting and do the domain refinement.


Add your first colleagues in this wizard. Always safer that you will not only own a tenant.


Set all domain records correctly. MX for Exchange, Cname for outlook via this wizard.

Add DNS records and MX records in Office 365

MX records and Cname records are a requirement if you want to easily configure Outlook and activate your mail flow.


Set an MX record - usually created with domain-be.mail.protection.outlook.com


Set a CName for Autodiscover from Outlook to outlook.office.com
Add a TXT Record for validation and claim the Office 365 domain is also required.


If you have done everything you can go through the wizard and come out here!


How to add an email domain in Office 365 with PowerShell ?

Use this blog to install the MSOL module. Log in with PowerShell.


Add a new domain via:

New-MsolDomain -Name 365tips2.be

In the tenant you will see the new domain. You can retrieve the TXT record via here. OR you can set the MX record to do the validation immediately.


After adding a domain, what can you do with Microsoft 365?

Use your e-mail domain to create new mailboxes.
Log in with your voornaam.achternaam@domeinnnaam.be
Take control of devices because you have enabled device management.
Collaborate with external and familiarise yourself with your organisation domain.

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