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๐Ÿ“ธ How to make a print screen, screenshot or screen capture in Windows 10 or 11?

There are different ways to make a printscreen or screenshot of your screen. In this blog you will read how you can easily and quickly incorporate print screens into documents or notes.

You can do this without installing additional tools with built-in Windows 10 and 11 capabilities. There are also several options for Apple. You can read about that in these instructions.

Screen shots can be saved in Windows. This can help you so that you can quickly retrieve multiple images from memory via the clipboard.

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Always use this key combination: Windows key + shift + S

Always use this key combination to use the selection menu for this recording. First press the Windows button (hold it down) then press Shift and press S. Hold all keys down until the screen recording bar appears.

This is the most modern way to take a screenshot within Windows 10.

Press Windows key + shift + S
The top bar will appear.


Select one of the options below:

Rectangular cutout in Windows - Partial printscreen

To select a rectangular shape press the first option in Windows 10 or in Windows 11.


Select and copy free form cutout in Windows

In this free form, you can select parts of the screen with the mouse cursor so that you can insert a screen capture in one motion into Word, PowerPoint or other applications.


Window cutting in Windows

A window snapshot automatically takes a screenshot of one window. This option is useful for providing documentation.


Full screen cutout in Windows

The fullscreen Snip allows you to display the taskbar, Windows start and all open applications in one motion.


After you have made this screen capture: Snippet savedon the clipboard. All screen captures are saved.

Press Windows key + V to open the clipboard

Then you can select an image with the left mouse button. Then you can paste it where you want.


To make a print screen in a simple way do it with the PRTSC key

Press the PRINTSC key on your keyboard. This key is often found at this location in the image below.

After you have made this print-screen, you can paste this screen recording via CTRL-V in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or MS Paint.

Create a screen recording in PowerPoint

In addition to screenshots, it is also possible to make a recording with built-in Office 365 software. You do need PowerPoint from Office 365. You can read about that in these separate blog posts. Screenshots within Office 365 via Microsoft PowerPoint

How to take a screenshot on a MacOS or on an iPhone?

How to take a screenshot or video on a Mac, iPad or iPhone?

How to take a screenshot or video on a Mac, iPad or iPhone?

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Anny Braet
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I want to make a screen capture of a page in English and translate it into Dutch, but it does not work

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