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How to restore files with version history SharePoint & Onedrive?

With Microsoft's version history Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint you can easily restore a previous version of a document. This feature can be enabled or disabled by the administrator.

Until June 2020, it wasn't possible to restore versions from File Explorer, only from the web browser in OneDrive Online, SharePoint or Teams. In this article, we'll explain how you can do this through the explorer, as this is a place that many people go to Office 365files.

Please note that it is always possible to restore a version via Office 365 Online. You can read this later in this blog post.

Below is a demo to restore a file with version control

Press restore after selecting versioning.

Open your OneDrive, or synced Microsoft Teams site in your explorer

Don't have OneDrive or Microsoft yet Teams synced? You can do so via this blog: Microsoft teams Sync with windows explorer

Restore Version SharePoint

Right-click on the document

Then press Version History -> select the correct version to where you wish to restore.

Or you can download the document first to avoid mistakes during this process.

Version history Office 365 OneDrive

Tip: You can also recover other files, you don't always have to Word, Excel or PowerPoint files.

Version history from Office 365 OneDrive or SharePoint Online?

From OneDrive, navigate to your OneDrive file, select options, and select -> version history.

Then choose the version you want to restore by clicking on restore.

Restore a version in Microsoft Teams?

Find the file you wish to recover. Navigate to the desired Teams, then select Files, and then choose Open in SharePoint.

When the file structure is visible, in SharePoint Online Are you sure you have the right SharePoint site.

In version history, choose the version you want to restore.

If the previous version of the file is available, you can be sure that the process went well.

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