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🖥️ The best way to share a PowerPoint presentation in Microsoft Teams

ARGHHH!!! Often you see people sharing their screen and sharing a non-presentable presentation.

There is only one way to share a PowerPoint presentation via the built-in Microsoft Teams presentation mode and weatherman mode. And it is the best way.

If you are looking for instructions on how to share your screen, read this blog!

1. How to share a Microsoft Teams presentation via presentation mode

Start your meeting. If you don't know how to start a new one, read this tip quickly.


2. Select Share content - to start sharing


3. Select a PowerPoint presentation or upload one via browse my computer

Select your recently used PowerPoint presentation OR click Browsing and find your presentation on Microsoft Teams or OneDrive.


4. Users have the possibility to navigate through the slides themselves

The 2 arrows allow participants and the presenter to navigate through the slides.


5. How to prevent participants from navigating through the slides themselves?

You can prevent participants from being able to go to the next slide during a presentation.


Activate weatherman mode or presenter mode in Microsoft Teams?

Meeting participants are usually more focused and have a better experience when they see a presenter during a presentation. An interactive presenter also helps to guide an audience, along with visual cues.

  1. After your meeting has started, select Share content in the top right corner of Teams.

2. Under Presentation Mode, select the desired mode. Also make sure that your camera is switched on.

Select Customise and choose a background image before starting the presentation.

3. To start your presentation, choose a screen or window on your PC or device.

4. When your presentation starts, the Presenter Toolbar appears briefly at the top of your screen. The toolbar allows you to change presentation modes on-the-fly, give control to another person and record computer sound.

5. Press the 2nd button to activate Presenter mode.

Presenter toolbar

More info: How to activate the weatherman mode in Microsoft Teams?

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1 year ago

Good afternoon Jasper, if a presentation is given on a beamer, can it also be shared simultaneously in TEAMS?

Claudia Huisman
Claudia Huisman
1 year ago

Good afternoon, I have now experienced a few times in MS Teams that I as a presenter see the slideshow mode of my powerpoint presentation, but the participants see the normal mode. Even if I stop sharing and share again, the participants do not see the slide show. The disadvantage is that animated slides do not work. How can I solve this?
Thank you and best wishes, Claudia

Mathieu Verbrugghe
Mathieu Verbrugghe
1 year ago

If you share a Powerpoint presentation via 'window' you will enter PowerPoint and see the different slides. The other participants can also see this. However, when you start the slide show, the participants no longer see the presentation. They only see a black screen and your cursor (if it moves). I only work with one screen.
So I assume that presenting via 'window' only works if you have 2 screens as a presenter? Or am I mistaken?

8 months ago

I have been working for a short time with PowerPoint and slowly my patience is coming to an end, but here I have received some useful tips. Die mir ziemlich weiter geholfen haben. Thank you.

Lg Alisa

kitchen wall film
3 months ago

I have been working with Power Point for a while now, and slowly my patience is coming to an end. Thank you.
Lg Melisa

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