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How to use multiple accounts in Microsoft Teams on one computer?

The demand for the ability to use multiple Microsoft Teams accounts simultaneously in a single application is increasing as more organizations move to Microsoft Teams. This is because many people work for different organizations and therefore need a single application in which they can seamlessly switch between multiple accounts. To date, however, it is not possible to log in with two Microsoft 365 business accounts within a single Teams application. While it is plausible that Microsoft will eventually develop a solution, this is currently a major technology challenge, especially because of the complexity surrounding Teams-telephony and other integrated features. This remains a major concern for users who need more flexibility in their work environment.

In this article you can find 3 ways to solve this

  1. Log into Microsoft Teams with one business and one private account simultaneously.
  2. Or you it use the minor account in a web browser. This blog tells you how to do this.
  3. Install Outlook or Microsoft Teams as a PWA App.

1. Instructions to add a personal account in Teams

Press your name and then select - add personal account.

Add your personal account to Microsoft Teams.

2. Use the Teams application and a browser simultaneously.

Working in multiple windows is the most practical solution. You can perfectly use the most used account in the Microsoft Teams application. And use a 2nd Microsoft Teams application over the web.

  • First, you can put your browser next to your application.
  • Open your Microsoft Teams application on Windows or Mac.
  • Open your Edge browser (or other) and put this window next to your other window.
  • From now on you will see 2 same teams open. Open your chat on the left and your meeting on the right.

Install Microsoft Teams in Edge browser for faster access

Install the Microsoft Edge Browser from the download site.

Open the browser for the first time.

Press add a profile after you have installed your edge.

3. Microsoft Teams, Outlook Online install as a PWA app

It is possible to install Outlook Online and Microsoft Teams as a Progressive Web Apps. This gives the great advantage of improved stability and speed. Tip: Install Outlook online as a PWA app in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Teams PWA application installation

You can also install Windows 11 in Hyper-V. Then it is possible to log into a 2nd virtual computer via Hyper-V. The big difficulty is to properly use sound and webcam in the VM and combine it with the regular version of Teams.

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3 years ago

Create for each Teams account (per tenant so) a corresponding profile within the new Edge browser.
If you work with profile A you can then work in (teant)team A. If you activate profile B a second Edge session is started and with the webapp you work in (tenant)team B. By switching between both Edge windows you can easily switch between one and the other team. I use this at home to quickly switch between my Teams for work and my Teams for church (and soon in Teams for my family).

3 years ago
Response to  wiltswim

Indeed!!! As in this blog, but with multiple accounts.Installing as an 'app' can also really help. https://365tips.be /in-multiple-windows-working-with-microsoft- teams/

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