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Outlook Tip: Show declined invitations in your calendar anyway

The new Outlook for Windows allows you to keep a meeting invitation in your calendar even if you declined the invitation. Follow the steps below to enable this feature:

  1. In Calendar on the View tab, select Calendar Settings.
  2. Then choose the option at the bottom of the page: Show declined invitations in your calendar anyway.
  3. Display a declined meeting in your calendar:
    • If a meeting request is denied, the meeting is not saved in your calendar and the meeting request message is moved to the Deleted Items folder.
    • There is no way to display a declined meeting in your calendar. You can only display accepted or tentative meetings in your calendar.
    • If you previously declined a meeting and want to change your response, you can find the original meeting request in the Deleted Items folder. Go to the Deleted Items folder and double-click the original meeting request. Then click Accept or Tentative.
    • If the Deleted Items folder has been emptied, this option is not available. Ask the meeting organizer to forward you the original meeting request.
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