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📧 How to send emails to a Microsoft Teams channel?

Chain emails used to arise on one topic with groups of people.

Super inefficient.

Unfortunately, we still send a lot of emails through Outlook.

If you wish to interrupt this behavior, you can use emails that arrive in Microsoft Teams .

If you forward emails, everyone can read them in Teams

Then, after this step, you can set email rules to automatically forward emails to a team from your mailbox - so you never have to follow up on emails.

Later, you can have these incoming emails arrive at the deleted items so that this email does not appear in two places.

In this blog, learn how to send emails to a Microsoft Teams channel.

Open the desired teams channel to retrieve the email address

At the top right, click more options. Then select get e-mail addresses. Use this e-mail address to send e-mails to this channel. Copy the email address of the channel or team.


Open Microsoft Outlook to send a message to a teams channel

If you don't use Outlook, you can also get started via webmail at: https://outlook.office.com

Copy the previously created e-mail address to the TO field and press send.


In this example, you can see that the e-mail arrived correctly.


Enable or disable e-mail capabilities in the Microsoft Teams Admin center

This control panel can only be user by Global Administrator or Microsoft Teams admins.

If the "Get Email Address" option is not available in the Teams channel it is because there is a setting incorrect.

Activate via the: Company Wide Settings.



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2 years ago

Dear Jasper,

In MS Teams you can set that when you receive a message that you then also receive an email saying that a message has been received in MS Teams .
I would like it the other way around, as this only leads to even more emails and even more wasted time.
I would like all mail in my inbox to be automatically forwarded to MS Teams.
Internal mail I then answer via Teams. External mails I answer via Outlook.
Can you tell me if this option is available?

Kind regards,
Hans de Ruiter

Johan Ligtenberg
2 years ago

In any case a question regarding emailing.... I want to send a mail externally in Outlook to a Team ...... This is not possible, is this true and if so why not?

2 years ago

I have the following question: Can I change my settings so that I don't get a mail in outlook that students have accepted the teams invite ?

2 years ago

Day Jasper,

Can you also use the teams-email address to mail your team members, i.e. that the mail WELCOMES directly into their Inbox? Sort of like an email list.

4 months ago

Dear have been working on it for so long to get me Outlookan account back to that I forgot my password and think someone has access to my account also have and other phone number to that my other phone was stolen which also had my recovery mail on it all linked together which I want access to is dennis_enjoke@hotmail.com and or dennis_ensheila@hotmail.com to that so I think someone else is using with account can't reply properly to sent mails those few mails I knew were not washing properly

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