How to send an e-mail to all members of a team - Microsoft Teams

How to send an e-mail to all members of a team - Microsoft Teams

Follow these steps to make sure that important e-mails disappear from your mailbox and end up in Microsoft Teams.

All e-mails forwarded can be viewed by all members of the team.

After this step, you can set up e-mail rules to automatically forward e-mails to a team from the mailbox.

Later, you can put them in the deleted items in Outlook so that these emails do not appear in two places.

Open your Microsoft-Teams -> team

Click on more options at the top right. Then select Retrieve e-mail addresses.

Use this e-mail address to send e-mails to this channel.

Copy the e-mail address of the channel or team.

get email address
Get e-mail address in Microsoft Teams

Open Microsoft Outlook

If you do not use Outlook, you can also get started via webmail at: Https://

Copy the previously created e-mail address into the TO field. Your mail will be visible in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Outlook Teams e-mail

Switch e-mail options on or off

Is the 'Get e-mail address' option not available in the Teams channel?

Then the option is disabled. Activation can be done in the Company Wide Settings.

e-mail integration company wide settings

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1 year ago

Dear Jasper,

In MS Teams you can set it up so that when you receive a message you also receive an e-mail saying that a message has been received in MS Teams .
I would like it to be the other way round, because this only leads to more e-mails and more wasted time.
I would like all mails in my inbox to be forwarded automatically to MS Teams.
I then answer internal mail via Teams. I answer external mails via Outlook.
Can you tell me whether this option is available?

Kind regards,
Hans de Ruiter

Johan Ligtenberg
1 year ago

In any case, a question regarding mail.... I want to send an external mail in Outlook to a Team ....... This is not possible, is this correct and if so why not?

1 year ago

Can I change my settings so that I don't get an email in Outlook saying that students have accepted the teams invite?

1 year ago

Hello Jasper,

Can you also use the teams-email address to mail your team members, i.e. so that the mail IS delivered directly to their inbox? Sort of an e-mail list, in other words.

Would love to know your thoughts, please leave a comment.x
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