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These are the 15+ best chatGPT prompts

Welcome back, curious minds, to the exciting world of artificial intelligence and natural language processing. The year 2023 has seen an extraordinary evolution in how we communicate with machines. ChatGPT, powered by the powerful GPT-3.5 model, has reached new heights in human interaction.

This blog takes you on an exciting journey through the most innovative, entertaining, and useful ChatGPT prompts 2023 has to offer. We dive deep into the creative, practical, and sometimes even humorous ways users around the world have deployed this AI powerhouse.

From solving complex mathematical riddles to creating poetic masterpieces, and from exploring future technology to simply asking for a good joke, ChatGPT has proven to be a versatile companion in our daily interactions.

Whether you are a programmer using ChatGPT to solve software problems, a writer looking for inspiration, or just curious about what the future of AI holds, this blog offers a glimpse of the limitless possibilities of this AI text generator.

So, be amazed by the best ChatGPT prompts of 2023, and discover how these technological advances are transforming the way we think, create and communicate. Welcome to the future!

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1. "Yo, GPT, drop some lyrical fire!

"Yo, GPT, drop some lyrical fire! Let me feel what you got and spit a powerful, meaningful rap about [insert subject or theme you want the rap to be about here]. Get the rhymes flowing and give me some real hip-hop vibes!"

2. Educational ChatGPT Prompts

  1. Teach me the basics of statistics, complete with a closing quiz, but refrain from revealing the answers and let me check for myself that my answer is correct.
  2. Develop a JSON template for the Nmap network scanner to detect SQL injections.
  3. My most valuable experience so far with you, ChatGPT, has been your ability to tell compelling stories. Would you please write a short story that highlights the power of storytelling, and also share how effective you are at rowing the fastest kayak.
  4. Devise a magic system focused on medicine and based on the principles of astrology.
  5. Please clarify the essence of quantum physics in simple terms.

3. Chic title generator for chatGPT

"I want you to act as a fancy title generator. I will type keywords by comma and you will reply with fancy titles. My first keywords are api, test, automation."

4. For customer service professionals

Transform your customer interactions and drive satisfaction! Discover insights, analyze feedback and get instant help with frequently asked questions.

  1. Summarize customer feedback
  2. Generate a list of frequently asked questions for {topic}
  3. Generate a thank you email to send to customers after they purchase {product}

5. Create a SWOT analysis for (Brand/Product).

  • Create a SWOT analysis for "Facebook"
  • "Can you help me identify the strengths (Strengths) of our company/product/service? What are some specific examples?"
  • "What weaknesses (Weaknesses) do you see in our current operations? Are there areas where we can make improvements?"
  • "Let's look at external opportunities (Opportunities). What trends, market opportunities or developments could we exploit?"
  • "What are the possible threats (Threats) that our company may face in the near future? Can you name some external factors that could harm us?"
  • "Let's focus on internal factors. What are some unique resources or capabilities that set us apart from competitors? Can you give examples?"
  • "What are some weaknesses in our current processes or resources that may hinder the growth of our business? How can we address these?"
  • "What external opportunities do you see in the market that we are not currently taking advantage of? How can we adapt to take advantage of them?"
  • "Let's talk about threats. What are some external factors that could affect our competitiveness? How can we guard against them?"
  • "Can you help summarize the key findings of our SWOT analysis? What action steps should we consider based on this analysis?"

6. "Tell me a funny joke, GPT!"

  1. Need some humor, GPT. Tell me a funny joke!"
  2. "Can you make me laugh, GPT? Tell a joke!"
  3. "Time for a laugh, GPT. Got a funny joke for me?"
  4. "I'm in a humorous mood, GPT. Make me laugh with a joke."
  5. "GPT, I could use some funny distractions. Tell me a joke!"
  6. "What funny thing do you have for me today, GPT? Share a joke!"
  7. "Let's start the day with a smile, GPT. Tell me a joke."
  8. "I love jokes, GPT. Got one for me?"
  9. "GPT, I'm looking for some humor. Do you have a joke in store for me?"
  10. "Nothing beats a good laugh, GPT. Can you tell me a joke?"

7. What do we eat GTP?

  1. PT, I have chicken and broccoli in the fridge. What creative thing can I make for dinner?"
  2. "I have tomatoes, basil and mozzarella. What dish can we prepare with these, GPT?"
  3. "I'm in the mood for something with an exotic twist, GPT. Do you have a recipe with coconut milk and curry in mind?"
  4. "I have some eggs and avocados to spare, GPT. What surprising breakfast combination would you suggest?"
  5. "GPT, I want something with a spicy kick for dinner. Do you have any suggestions with jalapeño and paprika?"
  6. "What tasty dish can we make with salmon and dill, GPT?"
  7. "I would like to try a vegetarian dish with quinoa and grilled vegetables, GPT. Do you have an idea?"
  8. "I'm craving something sweet and creamy, GPT. Can you suggest a dessert recipe with chocolate and vanilla?"
  9. "I want something healthy and crunchy for lunch, GPT. Do you have any suggestions with lettuce, nuts and berries?"
  10. "GPT, I'm looking for a special side dish with goat cheese and honey. What would you recommend?"

8. For job seekers

Receive personal career advice, suggested job titles and preparation for a mock interview to get your dream job.

  1. What job titles are available to someone with a degree in {x field}
  2. What are some job titles that require experience in {x field}
  3. Can you give me a mock behavioral interview and sample answers for {job title}
  4. What to wear for a Zoom job interview
  5. Write me a LinkedIn bio based on this information {personal data}
  6. What are 5 thoughtful questions to ask an interviewer for {role}
  7. Top 5 skills for {role title}
  8. 5 things I need to know about a {company} for an interview

9. For marketers & content creators

Get campaign ideas, keyword research and content strategies.

  1. Here are notes for a blog I'm working on. Can you help me organize them into an outline? {notes}
  2. Give me three alternative headlines and copy variants for this {advertising concept}.
  3. Rewrite the text in the voice of an {author/celebrity}.
  4. Come up with a name for a {type of business}.
  5. Help me find sources/references related to {x topic}.
  6. Generate a meta description with a maximum length of 150 characters.
  7. Write a catchy introductory sentence for a social media post.
  8. Write an engaging introductory paragraph for a blog post.
  9. Give me ten ideas for cluster content for the blog post {article name}.
  10. What are the top 5 questions {x demographics} ask about {x topic}?
  11. Check this [text] for errors.
  12. Give me 5 ways to rephrase the following text without changing the meaning.
  13. Write a slogan about a {x}.
  14. Optimize to the right tone of voice for {target audience}.
  15. Generate ideas based on the most viral campaigns in 2023 in {industry}.

10. "Act as a sports coach to run a marathon"

  • Act as a sports coach to run a marathon.
  • Today I ran 10 kilometers in week 3, in 17 weeks is my marathon. What will next week look like?
  • Make an exact schedule for next week.

11. Answer in Excel

  1. "Can you come up with an advanced formula to consolidate data from different Excel sheets and display it in a summary report?"
  2. "Design a custom chart in Excel that visualizes data in an artistic and informative way."
  3. "Help me set up an Excel macro to import and clean up data from an unstructured text file."
  4. "Can you come up with a formula that allows Excel to automatically assign colors to cells based on certain conditions in a data set?"
  5. "Create a template for an interactive Excel dashboard with buttons and sliders to dynamically filter data."
  6. "Show me how to extract data from a Web page and import it into Excel using Web scraping tools."
  7. "Can you write a VBA script to compare data in multiple Excel files and highlight differences?"
  8. "Help me create a financial model in Excel for investment analysis with advanced formulas and scenario analysis."
  9. "Show me how to use Excel to turn data into an interactive map using a mapping add-in."
  10. "Design an Excel template for tracking personal goals and accomplishments, including charts for progress analysis."

12. Here are some creative prompts you can ask ChatGPT regarding the use of Microsoft Word:

  1. "Can you design a template for an attractive resume in Word , with a unique layout and fonts?"
  2. "Help me create an interactive survey in Word with fillable fields and custom form controls."
  3. "Design a professional-looking newsletter in Word with attractive images and text styles."
  4. "Can you write a VBA macro to automatically add footnotes and endnotes to a long document in Word?"
  5. "Create a personalized invitation design in Word for an event, with room for customizations such as dates and locations."
  6. "Help me set up a template for an e-book in Word, with table of contents, page numbers and links."
  7. "Can you create a printable calendar in Word with custom sections for daily tasks and rules?"
  8. "Design a menu for a restaurant in Word with an attractive layout and space for images."
  9. "Show me how to create automatically generated tables of contents and indexes in a long document in Word ."
  10. "Can you create a template for greeting cards in Word, with graphics and customizable text boxes?"

13. Here are some examples of prompts you can use for generating content on health and wellness:

  1. Prompt to write an article on stress management:
    • "Write an article on effective strategies for managing stress and how people can improve their well-being."
  2. Prompt for making healthy recipes:
    • "Share healthy recipes for a balanced diet, including breakfast, lunch and dinner options."
  3. Prompt to write a patient information brochure:
    • "Create an informative brochure for patients on the symptoms, treatments and prevention of a common medical condition, such as diabetes."
  4. Prompt for writing an article on mental health:
    • "Write an article that addresses the stigmas surrounding mental health and emphasizes how important it is to talk about and care for our mental health."
  5. Prompt to make a social media post about exercise:
    • "Create an inspiring Facebook message that encourages people to exercise regularly and highlights the benefits of an active lifestyle."
  6. Prompt for writing an informative infographic on nutrition:
    • "Design an educational infographic on key nutrients and their role in health, focusing on balanced nutrition."
  7. Prompt to write a blog post on sleep habits:
    • "Write a blog post about the importance of good sleep habits and tips to improve sleep quality."
  8. Prompt for making a list of ideas for self-care activities:
    • "Offer me inspiration by compiling a list of 10 self-care activities that can help people feel better and relax."
  9. Prompt to write a brochure for a health clinic:
    • "Create an informational brochure for a health clinic explaining the services offered and the importance of preventive care."
  10. Prompt for writing an e-book on fitness:
    • "Write an e-book on fitness, including workout routines, nutrition tips and motivation for a healthier lifestyle."

14. Let ChatGPT generate its own prompts

You are GPT-4, OpenAI's advanced language model. Today your job is to generate prompts for GPT-4. Can you generate the best prompts on ways to [what you want]

15. Making money with ChatGPT

I want to start a side hustle with ChatGPT. I want to take advantage of your technology, but I'm not sure where to start. Please ask me as many questions as you want so you can help me the best you can.

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