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🎨 How to set a theme in Windows 11

We find it increasingly important to personalize our Windows 11 to have a fun virtual environment.

Windows 11 offers several themes that you can activate using this article.

Installing additional themes is also an option. That's the last step of this article. There are themes about: Night Skies, Autumn, The Earth from Above, The World Meadow National Park, Trees and Forests, Clouds, Pumpkin Season, Beaches, Norway.

💻 How to set a theme in Windows 11?

Press Settings on the Windows 11 start menu. Or search for Theme in the top bar.

Next, under Personalization, press Themes

Then at the menu: Personalize, press Themes to display the themes.

From the current 6 themes, choose the one most appropriate for you

In this step, you can click and activate one of the preselected themes.

Installing additional themes in Windows 11?

If you click Browse Themes at the bottom right, you'll have a choice menu of paid and free themes from the Windows Store.

Free and paid themes for Windows 11 - Microsoft Store

Adjusting contrast schemes in Windows 11

You can adjust contrast schemes in Windows 11 if you are visually impaired or bothered by the bright colors in Windows. Under Accessibility, you can choose between: None, Aquitic, Desert, Dusk and Night Sky.

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