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20 updates to Microsoft-teams for education, including 7×7 video and Breakout Rooms

Getting back-to-school education ready with the 2 most requested features! Just like in a physical classroom, students and educators will see up to 49 attendees in a 7×7 class meeting, a preview available in late June.

7×7 display during classes

Instead of trying to work with the whole class, teachers can create virtual breakout rooms in the fall so students can work on a discussion or assignment within their smaller groups and then be easily called back to the larger group.

Break-out rooms for the whole class

Other features - available now

Raise hand
Upload your own custom video background
Quickly change meeting options
Participant reporting for meetings
If someone is removed by the teacher they cannot dial back in

Available soon

7×7 video support for the teams client (49 people in one view)
Breakout Rooms
With 250 to 300 people in one meeting?

PDFs from Microsoft

Teams for Education Quick Start Guide (PDF) overview that includes meetings and calls
Teams for Education Quick Start Guide for Students (PDF)
Teams for Education Quick Start Guide for Educators (PDF)
Microsoft Teams quick tips videos

Any more information? https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/education-blog/20-updates-for-microsoft-teams -for-education-including-7×7-video/ba-p/

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