Overview of all Microsoft 365 portals

Overview of all Microsoft 365 portals

In this blog an overview of the most frequently used admin centre URLs of Microsoft 365, Azure, SecurityCenter.

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Office 365 Suite

Office 365 Suite: https://portal.office.com
Outlook Online: https://outlook.office.com
Projects: https://project.microsoft.com

Office 365 admin

Microsoft 365 Admin Center: admin.microsoft.com or https://aka.ms/admincenter
Azure AD https://aad.portal.azure.com
Admin Teams https://admin.teams.microsoft.com
OneDrive https://admin.onedrive.com
Store for business https://businessstore.microsoft.com


Exchange Online (old) Https://outlook.office.com/ECP
Exchange online (new) https://admin.exchange.microsoft.com/

Device management

Endpoint manager http://devicemanagement.microsoft.com/ or https://endpoint.microsoft.com
Endpoint manager for education/education https://intuneeducation.portal.azure.com/

Security & Compliance

Cloud App Security
portal https://portal.cloudappsecurity.com/
Compliance portal https://compliance.microsoft.com
SecureScore portal https://securescore.microsoft.com https://portal.cloudappsecurity.com/5Security Center https://securitycenter.windows.com
Azure ATP: https://portal.atp.azure.com

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure: https://portal.azure.com
Azure AD: https://portal.azure.com/#blade/Microsoft_AAD_IAM/

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive admin centre: https://admin.onedrive.com/

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Call Quality Dashboard https://cqd.teams.microsoft.com
Microsoft Teams Admin Center https://admin.teams.microsoft.com
Microsoft Teams Rooms Managed Services https://portal.rooms.microsoft.com


MFA Setup: https://aka.ms/mfasetup

Can't find a portal?

Several direct links have not been published in order to focus on the largest and most important ones. If you have another portal that you often use, please comment at the bottom of this article and we will include it in this list.



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Arjan Vos
Arjan Vos
1 month ago

Thanks Jasper, I have three other URLs where 'all' portals are listed for you and your readers:

The wild Kurt
The wild Kurt
1 month ago

How can I retrieve undeleted old mails, or call them up again in Outlook, I can only continue until 2015 all older mails seem to have disappeared?

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