How to prevent users from deleting tasks of others in Microsoft Planner

How to prevent users from deleting tasks of others in Microsoft Planner

In education, people like to use Microsoft Planner to assign tasks to students. Using the default settings in Microsoft Office 365 it is possible to delete tasks created by the teacher.

Of course you don't want that. In this blog I will explain how you can prevent participants or recipients of tasks from being able to delete tasks created by someone else.

Open Powershell as administrator


Install Microsoft's PowerShell module Teams

Run the following line in PowerShell:

Install-Module MicrosoftTeams

Connecting to PowerShell

Import-Module MicrosoftTeams
Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

Enter the username and password of your Global Administrator or Microsoft Teams administrator.

Retrieve Microsoft Teams with PowerShell?


Command presets from Teams

Get-Command -Module MicrosoftTeams

Read a comprehensive Microsoft Teams Powershell explanation -> here.

Download Planner Tenant Admin Powershell Commands

Download the Planner Tenant Admin Powershell file and extract it to the folder of your choice.

Type the following to execute the PlannerTenantAdmin PowerShell script

This imports a module containing all the available cmdlets needed to adjust Planner settings. Choose the correct folder when retrieving the module.

Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Scope Process

Import-Module 'C:yourlocationplannertenantadmin.psm1

Blocking a user from deleting tasks they have not created

Use the 'Set-PlannerUserPolicy' to block specific users from deleting tasks.

Set-PlannerUserPolicy -UserAadIdOrPrincipalName -BlockDeleteTasksNotCreatedBySelf $true

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