How can you activate the weatherman mode in Microsoft Teams?

How can you activate the weatherman mode in Microsoft Teams?

Meetingparticipants are usually more focused and have a better experience when they see a presenter during a presentation. An interactive presenter helps to engage the target audience more when delivering sessions, lessons, seminars or demos. Just like during a class, it is more pleasant for the students to be able to see the board and the lecturer as in the physical world, next to or in front of the board.

In this blog I will explain how to activate this presenter mode for a Teams meeting.

How do I activate presentation mode in Microsoft Teams?

  1. After your meeting has started, select Share content in the top right corner of Teams.

2. Under Presentation Mode, select the desired mode. Also make sure that your camera is switched on.

Select customise and choose a background image before starting the presentation.

3. To start your presentation, choose a screen or window on your PC or device.

4. When your presentation starts, the Presenter Toolbar appears briefly at the top of your screen. The toolbar allows you to change presentation modes, give control to another person and record computer sound.

5. Press the 2nd button to activate Presenter mode.

Activating presentation mode without closing the meeting

You can change the presentation mode without closing the meeting.

Odile Ozertem's weather forecast

Odile recently presented this new functionality in a YouTube video. Watch it here!

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