How to download and install Microsoft Teams ? MAC + Windows

How to download and install Microsoft Teams ? MAC + Windows

If you need help to install Microsoft Teams on your PC or Mac, you have come to the right place.

The installation is easy to do with the help of this blog post.

Microsoft Teams can be installed on: MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux and Ubuntu.

It is also possible to use Microsoft Teams in your web browser via - without having to install this software on your computer.

1.Download Microsoft Teams from the web browser

Without logging in at Teams -> Navigate to
Click on the Windows app download.


2. Download Microsoft teams if you are already logged in

Navigate to
Click on the download icon at the bottom left.


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Download Teams app from the Microsoft website?

Navigate to: Microsoft Website
Download Desktop application on your laptop or computer via the: Desktop application
Install the mobile application on iOS or Android: Mobile application


4. Download Teams from the Apple App Store for iPhone or iPad?

Navigate to the Apple Store from your iPhone or ipad. Search for the Microsoft Teams application. Press install and sign in with your Apple ID and password.

Or via this direct link.


5. Via Google play

Find Microsoft Teams in the Google Play Store
Install the application
Direct link: Google Play


6. Microsoft Teams for MacOS

You can install Microsoft Teams on your Macbook with MacOS through:
Browse to
Click on the download icon at the bottom left


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Dewamme Chris
Dewamme Chris
8 months ago

"1. Download Microsoft Teams via the web browser" / when I log in to "" on my various devices and on various internet browsers, after being asked to log in to my microsoft account, I am repeatedly redirected to "" where I am not given any choice about getting to Teams via the web app. In this way I have already missed several meetings for which I had received a link. At previous meeting links, when the page (shown in your article point 1) with the choice was still accessible, I could get access via the choice "use the web-app". In the teams browser of "" the links are not accessible and I get no response at all.
What is the reason for this? Is the access to the selection page at "" no longer possible? Thank you in advance for a reply. Keep up the good work on your interesting site.
Chris Dewamme

Dewamme Chris
Dewamme Chris
7 months ago

I hereby reply to your e-mail of 29/10 regarding the account question: I do not have a business account at Office 365, so I assume that this is an ordinary Windows Live-ID account. Does this matter? Thanks, Chris

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