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Microsoft Teams comparison with Whatsapp

It may sound strange to do a comparison between Microsoft Teams and Whatsapp. But we often resort to Whatsapp for instant messaging or direct communication. Through a practical comparisons below read features of whatsapp vs Teams.

Microsoft Teams vs Whatsapp

Instant messaging, chat,.☑️☑️
Mobile application(s)☑️☑️
rich web application (where you can also create documents)☑️☑️
Ipad applicationno☑️
Showing that someone is typing☑️no
Need a SIM card?does not work without sim card☑️
Content creation in Word, Excel, PowerPoint,...no☑️
Sharing documents without version problems?☑️
Communicating to professional abbonees☑️
videoconferencing / like facetime,.Up to 4 peopleup to 250
Browse live powerpoints as a guest?☑️
Whiteboard, drawing together☑️
taking notes during meetings☑️
chat & Calling at the same time☑️
Sharing history after adding new people☑️☑️

More benefits of Microsoft Teams for personal use

Microsoft recently announced Microsoft Teams personal & family. This could be a landmark entry into the home user market. You can read all about it in this article.

Microsoft Teams for home users has only just been announced. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to use it. What you can do is use this blog to create a free work team to get started with Teams already.

Also read: Microsoft Teams and Zoom comparison.

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