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Automatically turn every meeting into a Microsoft Teams meeting!

Do you also sometimes get a meeting request without a Microsoft Teams or Skype for business link?

Through these steps, you can ensure that you don't make this mistake in the meantime.

All new invitations will automatically have a link to call in Microsoft Teams.

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Open Outlook Online and select -> all Microsoft Outlook settings

Open Microsoft Outlook online via https://portal.office.com
Press Settings at top left - Display All Outlook Settings


Add a online meeting to all meetings

Under 'events and invitations -> Add online meeting to each meeting, select 'events and invitations'.


That's it! From now on, every meeting is a Teams meeting!

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[...] Nothing is more irritating when you get a meeting request, but there is no Teams link attached. Sending them separately creates chaos. To avoid this, it is possible to automatically turn every meeting request into a Microsoft Teams meeting. [...]

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