How to install whatsApp desktop on your Windows PC or MAC?

How to install whatsApp desktop on your Windows PC or MAC?

In October 2020, two billion users had monthly access to WhatsApp. This messaging service is one of the most popular mobile social apps in the world. Many messenger apps offer features such as group chats, image exchange, video and even audio messages.

Microsoft Teams is new when it comes to instant messaging. Nevertheless, Microsoft often succeeds in tapping into the market by just making sure that the user experience is higher and that the added value is clear.

There is a more convenient way to share files in WhatsApp - but it is just as static as email. So managing versions over WhatsApp is difficult. Unless you provide DropBox or OneDrive or an alternative so users can log in to those separately as well.

Microsoft Teams is a long-term solution when it comes to file collaboration. Group chatting, but also videoCalling . Enjoying landscape backgrounds together with 49 people while talking on the phone, sharing the screen and making a recording at the same time are the new possibilities of the modern world.

In addition, Microsoft Teams could make the click to personal use - while WhatsApp will have more difficulty landing in the corporate world.

Installing WhatsApp on your computer in 3 steps


Download Whatsapp from the right side -> Download.

Install Whatsapp Beta -> here.


Log in via your computer - PC / MAC

The first screen you will see after opening the WhatsAppSetup.exe is the one below.


Take your Android or iOS phone and press on the WhatsApp application: Settings -> WhatsApp Web/Desktop -> Scan QR-Code and scan the code.


Once you have completed this step, you can easily login to WhatsApp from your PC or Mac.

Logging in via the web

Navigate to ->
Scan the QR code as you would on a PC.

Install Microsoft Teams ?

Microsoft Teams can be installed via these instructions.

Comparison WhatsApp with Microsoft Teams

Instant messaging, chatting,...☑️☑️
Mobile application(s)☑️☑️
rich web application (where you can also create documents)☑️☑️
Ipad applicationno☑️
Show that someone is typing☑️no
Need a SIM card?does not work without sim card☑️
Content creation in Word, Excel, PowerPoint,☑️
Sharing documents without version problems?☑️
Communicating to professional subscribers☑️
videoconferencing / such as facetime,.Up to 4 personsup to 250
Browse live powerpoints as a guest?☑️
Whiteboard, drawing together☑️
taking notes during meetings☑️
chat & Calling at the same time☑️
Share history after adding new people☑️☑️

What functions does WhatsApp have?

Send instant messages easily and reliably

Send your friends and family free instant messages. WhatsApp uses your phone's internet connection to send instant messages, saving you text message charges. Or connect directly to WiFi.

Standard security

Sometimes you share your most personal moments over WhatsApp. That's why Facebook has built end-to-end encryption into the latest versions of the app. When your messages and conversations are protected with end-to-end encryption, only you and the person you are communicating with can see or hear them. Nobody else, not even WhatsApp.

Easy document sharing

Send PDFs, documents, statements, slideshows and more, without the hassle of email and file-sharing apps. You can send documents up to 100MB, so you can provide what everyone needs.

Download Whatsapp quickly

Go to on your mobile phone to install the app.

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