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How to take control of an Azure Subscription without being an administrator

As a global administrator in Azure Active Directory or Microsoft 365, you often don't have access to all Azure subscriptions. IT administrators who realize projects don't give control to regular IT admins, so ownership doesn't end up with the right people.

Within Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory, there is an opportunity to take control as IT Admin on all resource groups.

When would you access an Azure subscription?

  • When someone is no longer active in your organization.
  • When you have excluded yourself from a resource group.
  • If an external person with temporary access has left a resource or resource group.

How do you take control of an unmanaged Azure Resource Group?

Login to: Azure Active Directory at:https://portal.azure.com/#blade/Microsoft_AAD_IAM/ActiveDirectoryMenuBlade

Then press: Properties.


info 365Tips (Info@365tips.be) can manage access to all Azure subscriptions and management groups in this tenant. Learn more

When this feature is enabled, you are assigned the role of administrator for user access in Azure RBAC.

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