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Did you know that you can quickly access all saved posts in one overview.

This is advice for marking the day's to-do's so you can look back later on busy chats.

Save a message

Saving messages in Microsoft Teams can be done via "Save this message" in the chat.

/saved messages

saved messages can be retrieved in 2 ways.

Through the search bar - Or through settings and then "saved messages" in settings.

saved messages can also be found at

Select at the top on your images -> then on the third option: "saved posts"

Through the search bar commands you can do even more!

Search in Microsoft Teams & search bar commands

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3 years ago

I would like to delete a saved message. I don't need this anymore, but every time it stays between my saved messages?

2 years ago

Hi Hanne and Jasper,

I experience the same problem.
When saving a post, this is visible under "saved messages". When unsaving the message, the post disapears, but after a few seconds appears again in the list of saved messages.
Thanks for sharing your experience with this.

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