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Search bar commands - Faster navigation through Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams search bar commands allow you to easily navigate the Teams application. For example, view someone's activities by searching for /activity. Retrieve all Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts? Recent files/Files. Read more commands in this blog post.

Single team or channel search

If you are looking for one chat history in one specific team press CTRL - F and at the top will automatically fill in the channel.

All commands for the Teams search bar

CommandWhat does it do?
/activityView all activities of a particular person.
/availableSet status to available
/awaySet status to away
/busySet status to busy
/so-backSet status to So back
/callSomeone call
/dndSet status to Do Not Disturb.
/filesView recent files.
/Go toGoing to a Team or Channel.
/helpHelp at Teams.
/participateTo a Team participate
/keysSee shortcut keys
/mentionsSee all your @mentions.
/orgDisplaying someone's organizational chart
/savedDisplay list of saved items.
/unreadView all unread activities
/chatQuickly send a message to a person
/newWhat's New in Microsoft Teams
/whoAsk "Who" a question in Microsoft Teams
/wikiAdding a quick note

Search bar commands in Microsoft Teams in English


/pop is the latest new ability to start a chat in a separate window. You can read all about it here .


Viewing someone's activity.


See shortcut keys


What recent files did you edit?

Other fun facts?

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In Windows 10, press Windows Key + "." for the Emoji panel

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