Tutorial: Using Microsoft Teams help menu for training! 📖

Tutorial: Using Microsoft Teams help menu for training! 📖

Within Microsoft Teams you can call up various tools or consult training courses in the help menu. Because these are often not so practical. However, it is very handy to be able to find an overview and videos of trainings.


Enable new meeting features
Try the new way of meeting, including meetings displayed in their own windows.

Live events

If you want to create a live event for a large group, start with this guide.

Getting started with Teams live-events

Schedule a meeting

Find out how to plan a Teams meeting and invite people so that it is in their agenda. Scheduling a meeting

Join us!

In what ways can you participate to a Teams meeting? And what is most suitable? participateto a meeting

For administrators

Gettingstarted with Teams / Support for remote workers with Teams / Training for administrators / For administrators: Upgrading from Skype for Business to Teams / For your end users: Switching from Skype for Business?


Displaying your screen during a meeting / Blurring your background / Recording a meeting / Learn more about teams and channels / Sending compliments to people / Searching for training with a teacher / VisitingTeams forum / Shortcuts for Teams

Browse help content

Basics / Teams and channels / Meetings, conversations and live events / Chats / Notifications / Files / Apps and services


Video training

In this section you can watch short videos on how to perform specific tasks in Teams.



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