Working in multiple windows with Microsoft Teams

Working in multiple windows with Microsoft Teams

In the past it was not possible to work in multiple windows in Microsoft Teams. Since the summer of 2020, this possibility has been built into the Teams program .

From August 2020, it will be possible to activate the new meeting experience via this blog. this activation automatically resolves several windows: new teams meeting-experience-enable-for together mode

Announcement of roadmap April 2020


Browser vs Microsoft Teams application

  • First, you can put your browser next to your application.
  • Open your Microsoft Teams application on Windows 10
  • Open your Edge browser (or other) and put this window next to your other window.
  • From now on you will see 2 of the same teams open. Open your chat on the left and your meeting on the right.

1. Install Microsoft Teams in Edge browser

  • Install the Microsoft Edge Browser from the download site.
  • Open the browser for the first time.
  • Press add profile after you have installed your edge.

2. Sign in with your account in your Edge browser


3. Install Microsoft Teams as an Application in Edge

  • Login to Microsoft Teams
  • Press the 3 dots
  • Press "Install this site as an app".
  • Press Install (2nd screenshot)

You now have a high-performance teams application in a 'web' version!

  • You can use this application or web version in addition to your fat-client application.
  • If you manage your workplace well, it is perfectly possible to set this up fully automatically with EndPoint Manager(Intune). Install your Edge browser, with SSO, and other deep integrations.

Video: Switching accounts faster?

Source: Debby & Paul from kbworks


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1 year ago

Hi Jasper, I would like to see the other participants on the screen during a presentation (split screen) and split the display as it were. I can't find anywhere if this is possible, do you have the answer?

Gr. Denise

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