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How to manage Microsoft Teams with Azure Cloud Shell

Administrators will soon be able to access Azure cloud shell from the Teams management center and powershell-execute scripts from the browser.

What is Azure Cloudshell?

Azure Cloud Shell is a browser-based shell experience hosted in the cloud. The shell can be accessed virtually anywhere. Microsoft recently added a button to launch it directly in Teams Admin Center to run PowerShell scripts from the Teams management center.

Manage Teams with Azure Cloud shell?

  1. Navigate to: http://admin.teams.microsoft.com/

2. Select the Cloud Shell icon in the upper right corner.

Screenshot of Teams admin center header with Cloud Shell icon.

3. Select PowerShell

Screenshot of Azure Cloud Shell prompt.

4. Connect to Microsoft Teams via the Azure Cloud Shell.


Managing Microsoft Teams with PowerShell

In this blog, you can find out more about managing Microsoft Teams at PowerShell.

Management of Microsoft Teams via PowerShell

What's next on the roadmap?

New features arrive weekly via the new Feedback Portal (UserVoice) in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap. Evolutions and new announcements can always be accessed at: microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365.

In this Microsoft 365 roadmap you can access information about Microsoft Teams but also about: Excel, Microsoft Edge, Forms, OneDrive, Stream, Visio, Whiteboard, etc. Be sure to check out this page: Microsoft 365 Roadmap | Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 Roadmap Teams

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2 years ago

Hello Jasper this is really not working for me.
what i am doing is using "Connect-MicrosoftTeams -UseDeviceAuthentication" all the other methods i have not had success yet

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