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How to migrate all distribution groups to Exchange Online ?

What is a distribution group in Microsoft 365?

A distribution group in Office 365 is a group of users that you can use to send e-mails to a group of people without having to select each person individually. This can be useful if you regularly send e-mails to the same group of people, such as a project group or a team.

The main motivation of migrating from distribution groups to Office 365 (even in a Hybrid Scenario) is to outsource permissions to new owners. It is modern that groups are managed by the organization and not by the IT Department.
Objective: Customize Groups yourself via Outlook Online,myapps, or even in your Outlook client


  1. Create an export of the members & properties of your distribution group to be migrated. Via this script, for example.
  2. Whether you export them from your Active Directory or Office 365 doesn't really matter. You have the option of scripting in Exchange On-premise OR Exchange online .
  3. If you create the "new" groups in Office 365 you can work in transition with a prefix such as NEW_
  4. Then add all members in Exchange Online .
  5. You can also add the owners already.
  6. Now delete the old groups.
  7. Email addresses can be added only after you delete the old groups. Includes X500 addresses.
  8. That's it!

How can you delegate management?

Users can log on to https://myapps.microsoft.com

You can view the groups to which you belong here.

Open the group and add the desired members or groups.
Add the desired user.

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