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Easily keep track of your planner tasks with Teams

"How can you project all tasks in different Teams in the same way so you can keep an overview?" In this blog, you can see how to easily handle tasks within Microsoft Teams.

Task 1 - internal communication

  • Within the team for the entire organization are also the internal communication tasks. This is a sample configuration.
  • Team: Whole Organization
  • Planner: Internal Communications

Task 2 - Implementation team.

  • Within the implementation team, a Planner task list was started to ensure the tenant configuration properly set up.
  • An initial task was given to 365 Tips to configure DLP. This is a sample task.


  • Imagine you have 20 Teams like this? Do you then have to open all of them? The is answer is obviously, no.

How to navigate to the overview

  • Click on the 3 dots in Teams
  • Select Planner

In one overview all tasks!

  • As you can see, the "global" planner shows all tasks in all Teams.
  • An ideal solution to work through the entire organization with Planner.

Integrate channel scheduler with Microsoft Team

Since January 2020, it has been possible to activate Microsoft Teams channel scheduler.

Move or copy tasks between multiple schedulers

Have a tasks set up in a Team and want to further share these tasks with your colleagues, copy or move them then you can work with the options below.

Some practical tips:

  • You can copy tasks - these tasks are then duplicated. Created 2 times. Maybe better move them?
  • You cannot create or maintain tasks in subchannels.
  • You can create multiple task lists in one team.
  • All the tasks you create always come together in tasks - no matter which team you work in. (see last screenshot)

Press copy tasks

Choose the team via plan name to which you wish to copy the tasks.

Keeping an overview? Search tasks by Planner and to do in the search bar at the top.

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2 years ago

How is that now that the planner app is gone and everything is in ToDo's.

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