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馃拋 How to start a Microsoft Teams meeting with a meeting ID and password

If you start a Microsoft Teams meeting with a meeting ID and password, you can control who has access to the meeting and keep your meeting secure and private. The meeting ID is a unique code generated when you create a meeting that you must give to your participants so they can attend the meeting. The password is an additional layer of security you can add to the meeting so that only those with the correct password can access it. By starting a meeting with a meeting ID and password, you can ensure that only the right people can join the meeting and that the meeting remains secure and private.

At calendar in Teams , press "Join with an ID" to join the meeting.

A Meeting ID has the advantage that users can access a public meeting faster without having to open their e-mail. You can text or send a Meeting ID and password through a similar platform.

How can you join a Microsoft Teams meeting participate with a meeting ID and password?

Browse to: https://www.microsoft.com/nl-be/microsoft-teams /join-a-meeting OR in Microsoft Teams press Join with an ID.

Then enter the Meeting ID and Meeting passcode.

Where can you find the Meeting ID in Teams or Outlook?

Schedule a meeting in Microsoft Teams using the steps in this article.

After creating your Microsoft Teams meeting, you can find the Meeting ID and passcode in the meeting. Anyone can use this code to get into your meeting.

You can find the Meeting ID in the Microsoft Teams meeting invitation.

This can be done in Teams.

Either in Microsoft Outlook online or in the Outlook application.

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