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Microsoft 365 feature comparison in detail

Aaron Dinnage has invested a lot of time over the past few years to build an up to date license comparison model to enable organizations and users to compare more easily.

For up-to-date overview of all possible license combinations, you can always visit -> https://m365maps.com

In this chart, you can compare EnterPrise mobility + Security, Microsoft 365 Apps, Business, Consumer, Education, Students, Enterprise, Frontline, Defender, Project, Teams Rooms, and Office 365 licenses. Windows 10 licenses can also. Windows 11 not yet.

Microsoft 365 Business for organizations up to 300 employees

Microsoft 365 F1 for fieldworkers

Microsoft 365 F3 for fieldworkers

Microsoft 365 E3 for knowledge workers

Microsoft 365 E5 for added security

Credits to: https://github.com/AaronDinnage

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