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Why and when do you choose a Microsoft Exchange Hybrid configuration?

Why a Exchange Hybrid?

  • A Hybrid Exchange environment allows you to take your local environment and the cloud environment together as a single mail organization.
  • This is practical because the management is on-premises (Active Directory) and the maillbox management can easily be done through a Hybrid environment towards . Office 365 Exchange Online.
  • Hybrid = Recipient management on-premises, ACL (permissions) on-line.

The main advantages of a Hybrid Exchange

  • Hybrid exchange enables secure e-mail routing between your local and Exchange Online -organizations. This cannot be done easily with an SMTP gateway.
  • Administrators can use powerful and familiar Exchange management tools to move users to Exchange Online and manage users.
  • Printers using the Exchange environment today continue to relay in exactly the same way as before.
  • Hybrid Exchange is a requirement to migrate as easily as possible without user impact and reconfiguration of each device. With a hybrid migration, only a username & password needs to be pressed after the mailbox move.

Why not choose a hybrid Exchange?

  • If you want to migrate quickly to Exchange Online .
  • If Security highly regarded in your organization.
  • If you have no knowledge of Exchange.

Don't you want a Hybrid Exchange?

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1. Adjust your mail flow

  • Migrate all mail flow from on-premise to Office 365. So all scanners, copiers, applications dedicated to Office 365.

2. Send your mail via SMTP authentication (recommended).

  • You want to send e-mail from a hosted application, service or third-party device.
  • You want to send e-mail to people inside and outside your organization.
  • Let your device authenticate directly to the Office 365 mailbox and send out your mails via SMTP auth submission.
  • Benefit: Total control of mail flow & mailbox visibility.
  • Disadvantage: There is a license attached to each user mailbox.
Application or printer settingsValue
Server/smart hostsmtp.office365.com
PortPort 587 (recommended) or port 25
E-mail address and passworduse your login from your mailbox
Shows how a multifunction printer connects to Office 365 using SMTP client submission.

There are also 2 other methods, these are only recommended if the above options are not sufficient.

  • Option 2: Send your mails directly to O365 over port 25.
  • It is best to take this option only if option 1 cannot be done.
  • Option 3: Configure a connector to send out mails to Office 365. (relay)
  • It is best to take this option only if options 1 and 2 cannot be done.
  • Technical content & configuration read here!

3. Build off your Hybrid Exchange

  • Remove roles from your Exchange servers so there are no active roles.
  • Remember that if you only break out your Exchange and you use Azure AD connect in Hybrid Mode you always have to set e-mail addresses, policies, and so much more manually on the AD objects. This takes a lot more time and doesn't guarantee typos etc.
  • Be sure to read! https://365tips.be /2020/02/16/why-choose-for- exchange-hybrid

4. Recommended Exchange Hybrid only management, no hybrid mail flow.

  • If you still want to do management you can install a Exchange 2016 server with a free license. (for Exchange)
  • The key can be obtained at: https://aka.ms/hybridkey
  • Unfortunately, this is not (yet) for Exchange 2019. Well 2016.
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