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Why and when to choose a Microsoft Exchange Hybrid configuration?

Why a Exchange Hybrid?

  • A hybrid Exchange environment allows you to merge your local environment and the cloud environment as a single mail organization.
  • This is practical because the management is on-premise (Active Directory) and the mailbox management can easily be directed via a Hybrid environment. Office 365 Exchange Online.
  • Hybrid = Recipient management on-premise, ACL (rights) on-line.

The main advantages of a Hybrid Exchange

  • Hybrid exchange Creates secure email routing between youlocal and Exchange Onlineorganisations. This is not easy to do with an SMTP gateway.
  • Administrators can use powerful and trusted Exchangemanagement tools to guide users to Exchange Online and manage users.
  • Printers that still use the Exchange will continue to relay in exactly the same way as before.
  • Hybrid Exchange is a requirement to migrate as easily as possible without user impact and re-configuration of each device. With a hybrid migration, all you need to do is press a username and password after the mailbox move.

Why not opt for a hybrid Exchange?

  • If you want to quickly migrate to Exchange Online.
  • If Security is highly regarded in your organization.
  • If you don't have knowledge of Exchange.

Don't want a Hybrid Exchange?

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1. Adjust your mail flow

  • Migrate all mail flow from on-premise to Office 365. So all scanners, copies, applications dedicated to Office 365.

2. Send your mail via SMTP authentication (recommended)

  • You want to send email from a hosted third-party application, service, or device.
  • You want to send email to people inside and outside your organization.
  • Have your device authenticated directly to the Office 365 mailbox and send out your mails via SMTP auth submission.
  • Advantage: Total control of the mail flow and insight into the mailbox.
  • Disadvantage: There is a license attached to each user mailbox.
Application or printer settingsValue
Server/smart hostsmtp.office365.com
PostagePort 587 (recommended) or port 25
E-mail address and passwordUse your mailbox login
Shows how a multifunction printer connects to Office 365 using SMTP client submission.

There are also 2 other methods, these are only recommended if the above options are not sufficient.

  • Option 2: Send your emails directly to O365 over port 25.
  • It is best to only take this option if option 1 is not possible.
  • Option 3: Configure a connector to send emails to Office 365. (relay)
  • It is best to only take this option if option 1 and 2 are not possible.
  • You can read the technical content and configuration here!

3. Build your Hybrid Exchange ready

  • Remove the reels from your Exchange servers so that there are no more active roles.
  • Keep in mind that if you only want to Exchange breaks down and you use Azure AD connect in Hybrid Mode you always have to manually put email addresses, policies, and so much more on the AD objects. This takes a lot more time and does not guarantee typos etc.
  • Be sure to read!https://365tips.be/2020/02/16/why-choose-a-exchange-Hybrid

4. Recommended Exchange Hybrid only management, no hybrid mail flow.

  • If you still want to do the management, you can use a Exchange Install 2016 server with a free license. (for Exchange)
  • The key can be obtained via: https://aka.ms/hybridkey
  • Unfortunately, this is not (yet) for Exchange 2019. Well 2016.
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