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πŸ§‘πŸΎπŸ€πŸ§‘πŸΌ Assign the role of co-organizer in a Microsoft Teams meetings

Organizers can share control by assigning the "Co-Organizer" role to people they invite to their meeting.

Co-organizers have almost all features as the organizer. Meeting management, startup,...

How can you activate the co-organizer role in a Microsoft teams meeting?

First, invite the desired individuals as participants in the meeting.

Then press: Meeting options in the Teams meeting invitation.

Select internal and external presenters as co-organizers.


Then use Meeting Options to add the necessary co-organizers to the meeting.


Only tenant-accounts can be chosen as co-organizers. This is different from the presenter role, which can be assigned to guest accounts of other Teams-tenants.

The reason is probably because co-organizers can change the roles assigned to meeting participants.

Video instructions from co-organizer in Microsoft Teams

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10 months ago

Dear Jasper,
This describes how to make someone presenter, but the headline talks about making someone co-organizer. So how do you do that?

3 months ago
Response toΒ  Jann

100%, how do we add co-organizers?

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