How to set automatic timer for Microsoft Teams breakout rooms ?

How to set automatic timer for Microsoft Teams breakout rooms ?

New features for Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms are being rolled out now! (April 2021)


Timer: Organisers can now set a timer for brainstorming rooms from within the brainstorming rooms. After the timer expires, rooms are automatically closed and participants return to the main meeting.

Preserve configuration and assignments: Retain breakout rooms provides the ability to retain room configuration and assignment over multiple sessions.

Move people around rooms and main meeting in brainstorming rooms: With the ability to reassign participants, the organiser can now move merged participants around rooms and main meetings, even when rooms are open.

Set a time limit?

Press settings -> room settings -> then select the desired time you want to set for the breakout room.


All about breakout rooms!

Read -> Manual: Microsoft Teams breakout rooms !

Manual: Microsoft Teams breakout rooms !


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