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How to set automatic timer for Microsoft Teams breakout rooms ?

Niewe features for Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms are rolling out now! (April 2021)


Timer: Organizers can now set a timer for brainstorming rooms from within the brainstorming rooms. After the timer expires, rooms are automatically closed and participants return to the main meeting.

Retain configuration and allocations: Retain breakout rooms provides the ability to retain room configuration and allocation across multiple sessions.

Move people through rooms and main meeting in brainstorming rooms: with the ability to reassign participants, the organizer can now move merged participants through rooms and main meetings even when rooms are open.

Set a time limit?

Press settings -> room settings -> then select the desired time you want to set for the breakout room.


All about breakout rooms!

Read -> Tutorial: Microsoft Teams breakout rooms !

Tutorial: Microsoft Teams breakout rooms !

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Daniel Guerrero
Daniel Guerrero
3 months ago

Me gusta mucho su blog es de mucha ayuda con toda la información que nos comparten. Me surge una duda, como le hace para grabar partes de la pantalla y que los clips de video que proporcionan se vena en alta calidad.

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